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Come unto me!

Last evening was one of those evenings that will live in my memory for many years.

It wasn’t a gala, or a gathering of many for a dinner party. It was just Tony and me, sitting with Bob and Lisa (my daughter and her husband) at a beautifully set table, all decorated for Fall. Of course, I must add that the food was out of this world. Some might call it comfort food. Chicken pot pie, made by her hands, and it was yummy. But the best part was just being together, talking, remembering past times and talking about current times. It was warm, beautiful, familiar and yet new. We have had wonderful times like this with Tiffany and Scott (my son and his wife) as well, with the same sense and peace in just being together. There is something God builds in those unhurried times together around a dinner table.  It seems that He builds the depth of relationship as nothing else can. It is a place of hearing one another’s hearts.


I recently received a report from the Alaska State Gathering held by Mary Pomeroy, Alaska State Leader, and I wanted to share a specific session lead by Carol Martin, longtime leader in Aglow Alaska. I believe it will bring clarity to what is taking place in Aglow around the world since a major shift began last November.


I have just returned from Asher Intrater’s Alignment Consultation which was held in Jerusalem. It was the gathering of approximately 70-90 Apostolic and Prophetic leaders from around the world.


As you receive this letter, we have just completed our annual pilgrimage to Israel and the U.S. Embassy has been relocated from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. The world is watching this historical and prophetic event as it unfolds. I can only imagine how Heaven rejoices in the acknowledgmentthat Jerusalem is the Capital of Israel. Heaven established it from the beginning and now, the world has either chosen to align and support this realityor to stand in opposition. 


When strong words regarding the intentions of God impact the earth, as they did in Richmond at the 50th-anniversary celebration, we are given the choice of responding. Our responses can vary depending on where we are in our walk with the Lord.

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Komm zu mir!


Gestern Abend war so ein Abend, der für viele Jahre in Erinnerung bleiben wird.


Eine grosse Sache!


Kürzlich erhielt ich einen Bericht von Mary Pomeroy, der Leiterin des Staates Alaska....

Eine kritische Zeit


Ich bin gerade von einer Besprechung mit Asher Intrater zurückgekommen, die in...

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