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January 2022

Greater Anointing, Greater Authority

Greater Anointing, Greater Authority

This is an excerpt from Jane Hansen Hoyt's YouTube message, Greater Manifestation

God has been speaking into Aglow about our future and how He intends to use us in the future days.... If you stay focused on the Holy Spirit you will be surprised how He moves and how He speaks through you and through others. You will begin to see something built and come together. He is about something quite significant. He will show Himself mighty and strong.... Put all that together in an international ministry in over 170 nations. Imagine what's going to break forth in more anointing, greater anointing, and greater authority in the days before us!...We are being led by Almighty God. We are being led by the power of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is present in our midst with one key thing in mind - to glorify God in the earth to make Him known..... It is all pointing towards the Third Great Awakening. You will sense something of God in your midst that is an elevation, a greater manifestation of anything you've experienced thus far. It will be a great awakening! 

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